We are very proud to announce that one of our pups has been adopted by the Connecticut Canine Search & Rescue.



I am the owner of Hartwell Farms and have been breeding dogs for close to 16 years. Labradors are my passion and I have owned retrievers since 1970. I believe that they are a superb breed that are fun, smart and terrific family dogs.

About us...

     I have been breeding dogs for the past 21 years and Ed has been involved for the past three years. We have added Labradoodle puppies upon numerous requests.

All our Labrador Retrievers and Poodle are Vet checked yearly for shots and given a general check up.

     I am pleased that in all the years I have been breeding Labrador Retrievers I have made many happy families and no puppy has ever been returned. My puppies are very well cared for in my own home. As an AKC breeder I make certain of it since it's not just my business but it's something I love doing.

     We are a small kennel, but a responsible one, where the mission is to have happy and healthy dogs who have great puppies that will bring many years of happiness to a family.          They can be just a pet, a working/hunting dog, a show dog and a great member of your family.




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